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What is it?

The bumping options in iDoceo will let you postpone or advance lessons in your planner taking into account your calendar configuration, locked days, the following lessons, resources and multiple periods for the same class&day,
For these options to appear, you'll need to work in full-size mode. More details here

Where is it?

You'll find the bump options in all the diary and planner views when working with a specific day.
Here some screenshots

An example

We will work with the month view to clearly see where each lesson plan moves.
In our example, our class is scheduled on Monday,Wednesday,Thursday and Friday, notice the red dots below each day.
Here is our initial 3 days plan

The default Bump option
Now we will bump the lesson scheduled on Monday.

This image below will be the resulting plan. Lessons scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday have been automatically postponed to the next available days.
The default Bump back option
Following from our previous example, we will now Bump back the lesson scheduled on Wednesday.

This image below will be the resulting plan. Lessons scheduled on Thursday and Friday are left intact and Wednesdays's plan has moved to Monday
The bump back option will replace the previous day's lesson

Using the lock option

This option will let you lock a specific lesson and its resources to a particular date. Locked dates won't be affected by any of the different bump options.
Our example shown below has its lesson plan locked on Wednesday.
And now we will bump the lesson scheduled on Monday.

This will be the resulting plan

Using the additional Bump tools

Since the default behaviour of the bump and bump back options may not suit all your needs, we added a more elaborated combination of options under the Bump tools title.
Here an image of how it looks

Bump this lesson forward: works exactly as the default bump.
Bump this lesson and the following ones n periods Similar to the default bump but instead of bumping once it can postpone everything n periods forward.
This will be our example.

And this the resulting plan moved 2 periods forward

Bump back this lesson only: works exactly as the default bump back.
Bump back this lesson and the following ones: is the exact oposite of the defaultbump
This will be our example.

And this the resulting plan moved back

You should always use the the default Stop when empty periods found condition

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