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How to add assignments Publicado por MrSanchez520
Hi, I am new to this app and would like to know how to add assignments with descriptions as well a scores. Thnk you, I can't for the life of me figure it out.
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Welcome MrSanchez520,

You can manage the whole gradebook with a couple of gestures , basically a double tap and a tap&hold , explained here in detail .

You only have to add as many columns as you need to (a tap on the plus sign on the right most column), and configure it at will, the grade type that it will hold , or the editor.

With a double tap you add a cell's grade. You have also additional options by tapping on the small gear on the right top corner (like the direction of next cell edition)
With a tap&hold on any cell you'll have more options available such as adding an annotation with images or audio.

You can check also the quick start in the Instructions (on the top bar of the web) or in the HowTo if you need something more specific.

Thanks for contacting us, if something is still not clear please let us know.
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