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Sorting students by group field Publicado por Neil
Hi, this app is great and I'm looking forward to seeing it develop over time. I have a question about long press sorting of student names. When I select 'sort', the names are sorted by first name, 'sort 2' does last name...all good...,however, I was expecting 'sort 3' to sort the 'group field', but that isnt working for me. I experimented by putting a 'number' at the end of each student name. 'sort 3' did sort based on that number. Could you confirm what 'sort 3' is meant to do, or if I'm doing something it would be great to sort by the 'group' field......thanks ;)
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Respuesta de bert sobre el tema Re: Sorting students by group field
Hi Neil,
The sort function is a bit rough because we use a single field for the student's name. Countries have different concepts of first, middle and lastnames and we thought a single field would (kinda) sort that out, we were probably wrong about that...

The sort function splits a name into 3 parts , the first, the second and the last part according to its spaces.

So for example John H. Smith would be split into
(part 1 ) John
(part 2) H.
(part 3-last) Smith

Something a bit more complex such as Jose Luis Antonio Sanchez would be split into
(part 1) Jose
(part 2) Luis
(part 3-last) Sanchez

And something simpler such as John Doe

(part 1) John
(part 2) Doe
(part 3-last) Doe

So each sort 1 , 2 ,3 takes a part into account, but what you are probably facing is the fact that Group is left out in that sort. We'll add the Group into the sort function so that it has priority over names in our next release, I think that will do.

As a last resort, you have the Move function (tap& hold on a student) so you can manually change the order... I know its far from ideal, but at least it has to be done only once...

Hope this sheds some light on sorting... let me know if I can be of further assistance.
Thanks for contacting us!
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