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IDoceo is fantastic and i will love to use it in my work, but her in Norway teachers are not allowed to store any type of studentsinformation in a cloud on the net. Because of that and the fact that iDoceo just have backup to Dropbox, i can't use it. Is it possible for you to make another backup choise to? Maybe a backup to the iPad, a computer or a server?
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Hi pmf,
As a backup alternative you can do an iTunes backup, it isn't as convenient as a Dropbox backup, but you'd be able to restore the info in case of a fatality. Just right click on iTunes, on your device and backup.

Some users do a Dropbox backup to obtain the backup ZIP file and move it immediately to a secure location afterwards, so technically there is nothing stored in the cloud (at least not for long)

The main point of the backup was to save the information out of your iPad , so in case you lost it , you'd have your information back in no time. That is why Dropbox or iCloud seemed the obvious choices.

Anyway, we'll look into it to see if we find a suitable alternative method, I'll keep you posted.

Thanks a lot for contacting us!
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