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I have recently purchased Idoceo and have imported most of my classes from sims. I am having a real problem in importing two of my classes. I appear to be. Doing everything the same however they don't import into Idoceo. The name of the class appears on the blackboard however when I press the class it flashes straight back to the menu page on my I pad. I can't really afford to give this more time as I am using up valuable free periods, now I'm in a position where I'm using my old teacher planner and my I pad, which is a faf. I am saving them as csv files, I have tried to do it via email and via Dropbox, still no joy. Any thoughts?
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Hi jdk,
It usually has to do with the first column holding a really long value (in any of its rows) instead of a student name , maybe some kind of addendum or a date ( / and \ signs give some trouble) in between.
I guess you can't... but if you don't have any inconvenient, send me the file(s) to and we'll check its right away for you.

PS: We've been improving the CSV import features to avoid these issues but it is still pending its final approval and it might take a few days to reach the app store.
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Many thanks for your help, I've got it sorted now- there was some text bellow the students names in the first column, I deleted this and it worked fine. I can now file away my old teacher mark book! Tanks again.
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think I may understand won't work if you are importing more than one column e.g. a separate column for surname and first name. So the csv file must have surname and forname in the same column. then sorting the biology example given with the software.
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