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I would like to be able to make long comments in the mark book section, but currently find it hard to read if the comment is longer than a few words. Could it be make longer or have the text wrapped to the cell? Thanks!
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Welcome Missthrussell,
We'll improve the text rendering in a cell in our next major update but, meanwhile you have an alternative option to consider for long comments. I'm not sure if you know this already , but here it goes...
If you do a tap&hold on any cell, you'll be presented with a menu, select Annotation . This will allow you type larger texts and add images and audio as well.
And now, because you need to view this annotations easily , tap on the small gear on the right top corner and enable the option 'Show annotations on selection'. With this option enabled you'll see a large part of annotations (as a text bubble below the markbook) on each cell by simply tapping on it.
You'll find a detailed explanation here

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