Six day rotating cycle, prep periods in schedule?

  • Amy
11 años 9 meses antes #541 por Amy
Love the updates! Wondering though to use the schedule feature I need to have prep periods could that work? I thought of adding in each as a class but it would be cumbersome. Aso like others I have a 6 day rotating schedule...I added a 5 min class at the start of each day with a label, so this works to know the day of thecycle, but might not cover all situations. Thanks!
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11 años 9 meses antes #542 por bert
Hi Amy,
On this upcoming update you'll have new tools on the schedule to allow copying a class to several days of the week (if they share the start/end times), that might make the task easier, we'll think about the prep periods though.

About the rotating schedule , you'll be able to configure it in v2.0. Some users in Quebec explained us they have 9 day rotating schedule and we prepared a generic solution for it, beginning with the option of having 2 different timetables.

In your case, in settings, you'll add 6 days from monday to saturday for example and then enable the 'Show numbers instead of weekdays' option, as in the picture.

And it will look like this

Thanks for the feedback! if we come with an easier solution for the prep periods we'll let you know
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